Considering starting a small business in the Food and Beverage industry?

There are plenty of options out there, Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Coffee, Pies, Donuts, the list goes on.  Once you have decided on a product, there are then decisions to be made on how you start your new business.

Do you buy an existing business? Do you start from scratch by yourself? Do you buy in to a franchise?  The Food and Beverage industry is thriving and new businesses are popping up all the time.

The same businesses are also disappearing.

The keys to survival and prosperity are quality and efficiency. 

  • Efficient systems and procedures are a must.
  • The Juice and Smoothie Bar concept has been in Australia for over 10 years now and overseas for even longer.
  • It has proven to be anything but a fad with large franchises opening hundreds of stores across the country.
  • A Juice Bar can be a very low cost option for entering the Food and Beverage industry.
  • Very competitive margins
  • Minimum wastage when you have efficient systems and recipes.
  • Juice Bars promote healthy lifestyles and general wellbeing. This helps attract the “impulse” walk in clientele but also insures a regular repeat clientele.

offer the support, guidance and the technical knowhow to start your Juice Bar right the first time and maximise the return on your investment.

Your Vision + Our Experience = Your Successful Business.


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