Others exist overseas, but none have the knowledge of the Australian Juice Bar market like .

Peter Raines and his son Mike started their Juice Bar in Torquay on Victoria's Great Ocean Road in 2002. After several years of expensive mistakes and perfecting recipes, they had established a streamlined juice and smoothie concept that had a very strong repeat customer base.

When the opportunity to expand the business arose, Mike and Peter noticed that the market for Juice Bar franchises had been flooded with countless brands, yet still offered very little value to the franchisee. They created to sell their expertise to independent Juice Bar owners who want ongoing support but do not want to give up profits or lose control of their business to a franchiser.

The model and consulting services can be applied to Juice Bars in all kinds of locations.

We commonly consult for Juice Bar owners in:

  • Strip Shopping Centres
  • Food Courts and Malls
  • Regional Centres
  • Adjoined to an existing business – cafe, sports and health club, sandwich bar

And have also helped open Juice Bars in:

  • Major City Centres
  • Airports and Large Shopping Centres
  • Internationally


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